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Fighting Russian investors for a hotel in Alicante

The bankruptcy trustee in the bankrupt Sidi España, which owns the hotel Hotel Sidi San Juan together with banks BBVA and La Caixa, got two good deals , they are associated with the purchase of the hotel building . According diary Información, several Russian companies operating in real estate, as well as a potential foreign buyer made ​​such an interesting offer that was hard to refuse .

The size of these proposals was about 15 million euros. Currently experts carefully study both. The other day one of the Arab investment funds also turned his attention to the hotel , and it can provoke repeated stage review process. However , it became known that at public auction the hotel will not be billed . Creditor banks try as soon as possible to make a deal but reserved the right to veto.

In the near future will begin to study the applications received . Russian investors do not associate myself fully with the operation of the hotel – they are more interested in plot, since they do not work in the hotel business . Their plan is to give the building to the management of a company , which includes various hotel chains . In the future , they want to build another complex of tourist apartments. However, at the moment the decision is still pending, and it is primarily dependent on banks.

Some local hotel groups also had the desire and the ability to purchase Sidi, however, after reviewing all the ropes , abandoned this idea , as they were not confident in the profitability of the operation. In early trading hotel was estimated at 23 million euros later this figure had dropped to 18 million , but all who were interested could submit any of their bid.

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