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Increased profitability in Spain

Over the past year increased gross margin of all the species of Spanish property. This is evidenced by the results of a recent study market of the country. Most owners of offices increased revenues.

Today, the real estate market offers an opportunity to earn at least 4.5% in year, which is 0.9% more than it was in the first month of spring 2014. This means that the investment even in the low-margin property in Spain are much better placement of capital than buying ten-year government bonds.

According to experts, the current rise in the gross margin in real estate – is not the limit. “The market is just beginning to recover,” – experts say. This means that in the coming years with the growth in rental rates we will see a significant increase in the value of objects. Statistics show about a decrease in the unemployment rate in Spain, which has already led to an increase in demand for rental housing and have a positive impact on the volume of purchases of new homes.

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