One of the areas of LeaderBCN is to invest in Spain and Andorra. The basic factor is the placement of investment security, a reasonable percentage of taxation, the share capital increase, as well as additional benefits.

Foreign investors are interested in sectors such as tourism and hospitality, construction, commerce and food sector, computer technology and other industries capable in short term to return on investment, increasing the percentage of profit at a sufficiently high level by European standards. Low rates on commercial loans, in return, can significantly expand the size of investment.
A huge proportion of the funds invested go on the property.

Currently, Spain is leader in the field of real estate investing through a variety of factors. At every moment, in terms of buying real estate, best-selling countries are seaside resorts with the possibility of registration that are neither legal nor physical entity. This advantage allows you to avoid the huge cost of the maintenance and service of the company. Despite the prolonged crisis in the UK every year tourism industry improves, bringing an impressive percentage of the profit to owners of Spanish property. Many investors want to become the owner of Spanish property attracted by the possibility of obtaining a permit of prospection.

Not everyone wanting to invest available funds in the European real estate, it is possible to make a 100% fee for the desired object capital increase. LeaderBCN Company provides assistance in obtaining mortgage loans for the purchase of property in Spain and Andorra. We will tell you the banks offering the most favorable terms, and choose the most suitable for the profitable investment of capital and growth of the property.

On all matters relating to investments, please contact our managers.