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New property in Spain starts actively buying

Citizens of certain regions of Spain began to actively acquire new housing, this informs the portal Idealista. Resale prices fell by much more than the buildings in this regard to its share fell 57% from 310,864 sold in the last year of objects. Such an increase is noticeable in all the autonomous regions have made an exception only – Galicia, Murcia and the Canary Islands, their citizens in the 12 months to buy more new housing than the secondary.

As already mentioned, in the second quarter of this year were sold 310,864 of the property, of which 43% and that is the 135,711 apartments were in the buildings, and the remaining 57% – a secondary market (175 153). According to the Board of Registrars of Spain, the market of new housing average minimum set another record. It is assumed that such a facility has not lost in the coming months.

However, in Galicia, the Canary Islands and Murcia develops a completely different situation: in these regions was realizovano7 018, 9057 – 5038 new houses and it is 60%, 55% and 51% of the total.

From which it follows that, in the 14 autonomous communities the number of contracts of sale of second homes has exceeded the number of transactions with the new real estate. In annualized basis leaders scale implementation stali- Andalucia (62,293 objects), Catalonia (46,798), Valencia (46 313) and Madrid (44,468).

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