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Property in Spain begins to rise in price

Researchers in Spain have started to talk about the fact that it is time to end the crisis in the real estate market. Authorized the Board of Registrars property emphasize that in the second quarter of this year, the price of apartments in Spain rose to 0.97% if we compare it with the similar period of last year. At the request of the portal Idealista, this average annual rise was the first since the beginning of the collapse of the Spanish property market.

To draw an analogy with the previous quarter, the value of property has also increased – by 1.53. To date, she found, somewhere on the 2003 level. At the same time, the number of transactions of purchase and sale of property in the country has declined in the second quarter to 5.49% compared with the previous quarter – up to 78,464 transactions. The basis for this transaction were the new estate, the amount of which is the average for each month has decreased by 18.89% – to the lowest historical level of 30 605 operations – this is 39.01% of the total. However, second homes, by contrast, was much more popular – the number of transactions rose by 5.67% -up 47,859, 60.99% of the total. The share of social housing fell about 3.24% of operations.

Andalusia ranks first in the number of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate (15 583). Second place goes to Catalonia (11,980), Valencia (11 591) and Madrid (10 522).

Foreign interest in the property in Spain is still growing: for example, in the second quarter of their number fell 13.03% of transactions from the total number of operations, and these data have become a new historical record. The leaders are traditionally British (15.77% of transactions). After them come the French (10.11%), Russians (8.08%), Germans (7.53%), Belgians (7.26%) and Swedes (5.93%).

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