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Property in Spain is one of the cheapest in Europe

Property in Spain is considered today one of the cheapest in Europe, says El Mundo, based on the results of studies that have been made ​​by the experts of the portal

In accordance with the statistics of the Ministry of Development of Spain, in the quarter of this year, the country’s price category per square meter of housing was 1,459 euros. With this value of a simple 90-meter apartment, which will be three bedrooms worth 131,310 euros.

According to the results of the Italian leadership in the Apennine peninsula square meter for a standard apartment buyer will rise in price of about 2,119 euros, in other words, for an apartment of the same size here zaplatyat- 190,710 euros. In France, according data agency Immoprix, apartments with the same dimensions worth 202.500 euros, and it is at 71.190 € more than in Spain, for a residential meter paid 2.250 €.

Not difficult to calculate that foreign nationals who wish to buy a holiday home in Europe, much more profitable to do it in Spain, as in the Apennines will need to shell out 45% more money, and in France – 54%.

With respect to property in the UK, there is the cost per square meter high and stable. Official data of London show that over the past year the cost of housing an average was higher by 9.9%, while the average price of a simple model of the apartment is 260.000 pounds (324.190 €).

In general, prices for real estate in Europe in the last quarter of 2013 declined when compared to the same period in 2012 by 1.4%, while in the European Union – by 0.1%.

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