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Property prices in Spain could climb sharply

If the direction of the revival of the economy in the country continues, and the area of ​​employment and economic growth stabilized, the average price for a property in Spain rises quickly, and this rate will remain so for several years. This view is held by the head of the Economic Research Institute (IEE) Jose Luis Feytiat.

In his words, the further rise of these indicators will be more modest – a little more than the consumer price index (IPC). Accordingly projected to remain at less than 2% for several years.

Feytiat expressed his opinion at the conference, which is timed to the real estate exhibition SIMA in Madidi. He presented the study “The value of real estate sector in the Spanish economy.”

Chapter IEE suggests that in the short term real estate prices will be established in 2014. During the crisis fell by 30-40% in nominal terms. “And that would be no one talked about the fact that property prices have to fall another 15% – it is established later this year,” – added Feytiat.

About the size of proposals, in 2014 and in the next they will be dramatically reduced. In addition, the improvement in the economic development will be the launching pad for a sector recovery. “Poor is already behind us,” – said the expert.

Feytiat pointed out that the implementation of this forecast in life is necessary to continue the economic recovery of the country.

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