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Resort property in Spain

On the Spanish market selling real estate is still a decrease in prices and a simple construction sector. In the first quarter of 2015 there was a rise in prices, while last year’s positive trend was observed only in 4 settlements.

Trends in the market is very heterogeneous: for growth of the aforementioned background, at least 29 cities still observed price reduction by more than 10%. To the greatest extent, it is expressed in Palafrugell (16.9%). It is followed by Barbate (15.3%), Gandia and Ayamonte (14.6%). The most affordable real estate was in Almazora – 804 euros square. In the Canary Islands are also showing signs of recovery, as well as in the region of Maresme (Barcelona) and in the south of Tarragona.

Experts note that the flow volume of the real estate of Spain, is still pretty impressive decreases in most coastal areas. Lack of credit, weak demand and excess available for the purchase of real estate stopped construction of new housing. After the first years of the crisis the construction of certain facilities, in particular belonging to banks resumed.

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