Many of our customers complain about the work of the Spanish accounting firms. European upbringing and mentality of the locals do not allow the Spanish accountants to be mobile and flexible in matters of accounting and taxation.

Any legislation, even European, has its pitfalls and subtleties, the knowledge of which can simplify accounting and reduce the amount of taxes. The presence of certain types of documents, permits, and some benefits can significantly reduce the large amount of European tax and non-tax payments.

Maintaining financial statements require the appropriate knowledge and experience, as any activity related to the characteristics of documentation and records.

The high degree of responsibility, in the form of huge fines, compensations, seizures and criminal consequences for the reliability of the data and the accuracy of recognition of entrepreneurial companies and non-profit activities, require a careful approach to management accounting.

LeaderBCN Company offers the following accounting services:

    advice and assistance in the agency report realization and tax and non-tax payment;
    maintenance of complete documentation and assistance with public information office;
    correct execution of accounting statements and reports;
    consultation and measure implementation to reduce taxes.

For individuals and owners of companies, we provide legal and consulting services, as well as doing the translation and notarization of various documents.

To make an appointment and further information, please contact us at the office or in any other way you like.