Buy and sell

It is no secret that the fact of having overseas real estate is a profitable investment, gives social status, the ability to stay in their own home, a decent income on the delivery of housing for rent and many other benefits.

Currently, property in Spain has become particularly attractive and is in great demand due to the economic situation in the country.
The Spanish Government has presented an unexpected surprise for those who want to buy a home in this country – a residence license with the consequent possibility of obtaining the right of permanent residence and citizenship. More information can be found here.
LeaderBCN Company offers services in the sale and leasing of real estate located throughout Spain, as well as an independent city-state of Andorra.

The process of buying properties in Spain consists of several stages. First of all you apply to our company in any way you like:
Come to our office
Leave us a message
Call to the numbers on contact page

In the oral or written request, you specify all your needs and what do you want to buy (the location of the property, yardage, distance from the sea, equipment, etc.).
Next, we see the offer of the options (in case of interest) followed by preparation and organization of your arrival for inspection and purchase of housing.

We sign a contract with you, in which you specify all of your requirements by the alleged buying and agree on a date of your visit to Spain and Andorra. If necessary, our company can send you an invitation to obtain a visa. If for any reason you do not want to deal with your own organizational and paper issues, we can make a commitment to ensure your arrival, from obtaining a visa, ticketing, hotel reservations, and so on up to escort you to the alleged object of purchase.

You need to prepare yourself some of the documents. We provide the list of what documents you need in order of completing the purchase.
Inspection of all housing options will be held in conjunction with our staff. If you make the choice in favor of one of the offered facilities, we move on to the next stage – the documentation of the purchase process: the contract , advance payment, opening a bank account, registration, identification number of foreigners (NIE), certification of the contract of sale at the notary.

Once you become an owner of real estate in Spain abroad, the LeaderBCN Company will not throw you in the lurch. At your request we can at your disposal to solve community problems, engage in insurance registration, purchase of furniture, to repair homes, etc.