Design and renovation

Moving with the times, the company LeaderBCN offers sales and leasing of real estate, ”turnkey“, and also provides repair facilities, according to the drafts prepared by experienced designers.

Service design and repair can not only make your home, apartment or office to be stylish and with character of its own property, but also get a number of other advantages:
Saving energy, time and health. Self-repair add stress on the body. Extensive work is to find you in a stressed state long period of time, what can arise various neuroses and disease. Only a wrong selection of interior colors may have a negative impact on the human psyche – it’s a scientifically proven fact.

Save up to 30% of the funds for the materials. Our independent experts conducted research that showed that people carrying out their own repairs are often mistaken in the selection of materials, leading to a number of alterations that increase the time and cost of repair.

Save time and gain quality. Professionals honing their knowledge and skills on the continuation of many years will improve and transform your home faster and better.

Profitable investment. By making high-quality and stylish renovation, rental or sale value of your property increases significantly.

If you cannot determine the direction of the design of your home or office, we will prepare a number of options exercised in styles that are most relevant to your tastes and preferences.

Professional designers of LeaderBCN understand the desires of our customers literally at a glance.
Classic, modern, Victorian, oriental, or an eclectic combination of several styles in the interior – it’s only a few kinds of areas the designers work to transform your home into a place that will restore your strength and energy, and also give a lot of joy and pleasure.

We would like to emphasize the value and necessity of the service ”design and repair” for commercial and office real estate.

Customers and partners will treat with great confidence to organizations that work in a stylish room, be it an office or commercial property. In business, if you choose to invest on repair and design, customers will save you. Exclusivity of your office will be the proof and guarantee viability of your company.

Design and repair can be provided if you contact at the numbers listed at the top of the site or send us a message, or you can come to our office, located at the address listed in the Contact Us.