Legal advice

Spanish law is very different and has its own characteristics. Violations and mistakes are punished with huge amounts of fines and other consequences of the administrative and criminal.

Attempting to work with government and banking institutions, as well as an appeal to the unproven assistants in the field of documentary services, are solutions of legal and economic issues that may lead to unpleasant consequences.
Lawyers and financial LeaderBCN agency workers are fluent in Spanish law, with extensive experience, including business and working with different degrees of complexity. Satisfied customers leave positive feedback to the cooperation with our company, coming back to us again and again.

We offer the following legal services:

    private consultations (for a residence permit, bank loans, taxes, mortgages, dual citizenship, etc)
    events for the opening and closing of organizations of different forms of ownership,
    lawyer’s advice and support in the conduct of court proceedings,
    documentation and notarized permission to trade and engaging in other types of business, obtaining licenses,
    applications, and assistance in the negotiation of issues with government agencies.

If in the above list, you will not find a suitable service for your situation, please contact us in any convenient manner. All contact details can be found in the relevant section in the site header. Our experts will try to resolve your question or guide you to the right path.