“Service with 911 in Spanish”

Many regular customers are calling our company the ”help desk 911 in Spanish”. They know that contacting with LeaderBCN, his stay in Spain or in the territory of Andorra can be made as comfortable as possible.

Our experts offer the following services:

    Room reserve in hotels.
    Finding the right place, the preparation and organization of business lunches or dinners, as well as activities of private matters in the best restaurants in Spain and Andorra.
    Excursions for corporate companies, private groups and individual travelers from customers visiting historical attractions, cultural and entertainment centers, water parks, restaurants and cafes, shopping malls (slight walking or car journey with a visit to places of interest, or a combined tour).
    For business people we organize business meetings, seminars and various conferences.
    Language support with our professional translators simultaneously translating during business negotiations.
    Holding ”nutritive excursions” in wine tasting and “jamón” in elite restaurants in Spain and Andorra.
    For hunting and fishing lovers we conduct appropriate activities involving fishing and hunting animals in accordance with local laws and existing licenses.
    We are supporting the possibility of visiting all sorts of sports and recreational activities (provide tickets, including VIP seats).
    Any movement in Europe by land, sea and air transport of different classes.
    Rental of motor vehicles, including cars with chauffeur, limousine service, luxury cars, etc.
    Charters for voyages on the Mediterranean coast is an elite pastime.

Assistance and organization of recreational activities with a visit to the best nightclubs and discos.
If in the above services you did not see the one you need, contact us. All contact details can be found in the relevant section in the site header. Our ”Service with 911″ will help to solve your problem or guide you in the right direction.