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Spain’s banks offering real estate at a deep discount

Portal Casaktua, which belongs to the bank Banesto, offers more than six hundred homes at an average price of 55,000 euros. And some of the objects offered for sale, have a 50 % discount, writes about Kyero.

Each square meter of real estate Casaktua, on average, will cost about 600 euros, it is almost two times cheaper than in the whole of Spain. At the moment, the Ministry of Development says about the other figures around the country , and they are -1480 euros per square meter.
Casaktua portal now sells real estate throughout the country , the average object size is about 91 square meters , the average monthly mortgage on such a facility would be about 117 euros.

According to El Mundo, offer Casaktua, they just come in and 143 home located in Valencia , which cost about € 51,000 mortgage at such houses will be about 162 euros. Most houses are also cheap in Andalusia, there is 138 objects at the price of 47,000 euros, the monthly mortgage payment for such houses will be about 149 euros a month.
Canary Islands provide 74 homes that are available in the property for just 54 euros for such houses will be paid 173 euros. Leon and Castile put up a total of 61 home for the price of 52,000 euros , mortgage payments per month are -166 euros.

For all of these proposals Casaktua, offers favorable conditions for mortgage financing , and it is up to 100 % of the appraised value of property for a period of 30 years.
Also this portal interest the clients by the fact that , launched a promotional campaign that promises to increase sales in settlements inhabited by only 10 000 people. Everyone who buys a gift card to get a department store El Corte Ingés the amount of € 500 .

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