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The unemployment rate in Spain in May registered the largest decline since 1996

According to data released by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the ability to find a job in Spain is becoming more real. The number of unemployed registered with state employment services in May fell by 117,985 people, amounting to a total of 4,215,031 unemployed, which is the largest decline for the month of May 1996.

Compared with the same month last year, unemployment fell by 357 354 people, which is the largest annual decline.

On a monthly basis, unemployment fell in all sectors of the economy. The worst occurred in the services sector (68 826 people), construction (17 520), agriculture (14 142) and industry (12 874).

In turn, the unemployment rate for people under 25 years declined in May to 11,271 unemployed people – up to 370 741 people. The unemployment rate among foreigners fell by 23,057 people to 495,712 foreign unemployed, of which 170 141 – citizens of member countries of the European Union.

By regions, unemployment fell in all autonomous communities. Here the leaders of Catalonia (21 075 people), Madrid (16 097) and Valencia (14 161).

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