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Time of buying property in Spain.

Came good time to buy property in Spain .

President of BNP Paribas Real Estate España Luis Martin gave an interview to Girado Ideliasta, he told him about the situation today in the Spanish property market and made predictions for the future , as well as to invest in housing.

With the words Girado , Spain has experienced serious decline not only income , but also led to a decline in housing prices. ” We are experiencing a period to restore value to the real estate market ” , – said the head of BNP Paribas Real Estate. However, this process is not even – the evolution develops differently in each of micromarkets depending on the level of supply and demand , so to have one single opinion is very difficult. It is worth noting that over the past three years has been built not so much new housing, and an excess of an existing wound not on a permanent basis . For example, some markets have a lack of affordable housing and rising prices , while others continue to oversupply and falling prices here will continue.

The expert pointed out , to increase the number of transactions , you must first funding. In second place is the most important factor , which can clearly be seen a vision of the future – potential buyers need to be confident that they will not lose their jobs in the near future . And, of course , a lot of the important role played by the absence of a sense of further price drops. “In general, they are not reduced , and for those who want to purchase real estate, came the most suitable for this moment , because in some areas prices are already rising ,” – said Girado .

Talking about how it was possible to avoid mistakes of the past in the real estate sector , an expert drew attention to several aspects . The first of these is the need to increase transparency of the evaluation process for real estate assets , and second , the activities of companies should be differentiated , and the third , firms must restructure its form of organization ; And fourth , it is necessary to completely revise the state sector workers and enter a specific regulation of the profession .

Just Girado assessed activity ” bad bank” , whose coming was called ” necessity.” ” They are right , that does not reduce the prices too sharply . Moreover, conduct such activities are very transparent ” , – concluded the expert .

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